Why Hire A Car On Holiday?

Hiring a car for a road trip or as part of your holiday can be extremely exciting. It offers the flexibility to travel wherever and whenever you please.

Often it is only through car hire that you are able to reach certain places. The most scenic routes, the unusual places and must see attractions that regular walking would normally miss.

Road trips can be very rewarding. Just you and the open road can feel very liberating, allowing you to get away from regular life.

What do you need to know about car hire?

Before you make a booking, firstly you should shop around. Prices can vary massively. 

Always rent from a reputable dealer.

Check over the policy and read the fine print to see what fees are included. You can be penalised for not returning the car to the same branch you collected it from or if you take the car out of the country. You may also get charged more if you are under a certain age limit.

It is a good idea to request the agreement or download it, depending where you get it from, as understanding all the terms and conditions can save future problems. Certain components are often not covered with the insurance, such as windscreens, roofs or even tyres.

Keep an eye out for the level of excess as these can be extremely high in order to make the standard payments look really attractive.

Check what the rules are regarding fuel. It is extremely rare that fuel will be covered in a policy. Most common is collecting the car with a full tank and returning it in the same way. Others allow you to bring it back virtually empty. It is important to read or ask to find out either way as you do not want a penalty or to fill up the tank when you did not have to.

Give your car a thorough inspection on collection, making sure there are no marks. If there are, make sure they are clearly recorded by the rental company, making sure you take no blame.

When driving into another country or state, the driving laws may be different. It is important to check this and make sure you are legally covered.

If you commit an offence such as speeding or failing to pay for a ticket then the hire company will chase you for the charge plus additional administration fees. Be sure to take good care when driving your hire car for this reason.

When returning the car, be sure to bring it back before the agreed time as this may incur a penalty. Allow for plenty of time on your route back in case of traffic or any other distractions.

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